Do you Know Where Do Hotels Buy Their Furniture– Complete Guide 2024

Do you Know Where Do Hotels Buy Their Furniture– Complete Guide 2024

Nowadays, more and more hotels are regenerated after the Covid-19, some hotels are new, some hotels are old, but each hotels have its own value for guests. As the rapid development of economy, the aesthetic of people are getting higher, so the hotel need to do some special things, such as the hotel style, hotel interior design, hotel furniture design and the hotel decoration. Yet, here has a question, for the hotel furniture, do you know where do hotels buy their furniture?

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Hotels source their furniture from various places depending on their budget, design preferences, and other factors. Here is a complete guide on where hotels typically buy their furniture:

1. Furniture Manufacturers:

Many hotels work directly with hotel furniture manufacturers to get custom-made furniture. It’s without middleman commission, so this is the best way to save your cash, and also it allows you to choose specific designs, materials, and finishes that align with your hotel brand and design aesthetics. However, here has a problem, do you know how to find a realiable hotel furniture supplier?

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2. Wholesale Furniture Markets:

Hotels often purchase furniture from wholesale furniture markets. These markets offer a vast selection of hotel furniture at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for hotels looking to furnish multiple rooms. This is always a common way to source factories in local, and it’s limited for you to find the best wholesale furniture suppliers.

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3. Trade Shows and Expos:

Furniture trade shows and expos are great places for hotels to discover new trends and connect with hotel furniture suppliers and manufacturers. Many hotels place orders or negotiate deals during such events. The famous trade shows and expos have Salone del Mobile – Milan Italy; High Point Market – North Carolina, USA; Maison & Objet – Paris, France; Index Dubai – Dubai, UAE;Canton Fair – Guangzhou, China etc,.

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4. Online Furniture Platform:

With the rise of e-commerce, many hotels now buy their furniture from online platform, such as the, Made in China. Com, Global Sourcing, ect,. Each platform has  the hospitality furniture section,  providing convenience and a wide range of options for their users. It’s a good way to save your time to go the trade shows and expos. However, the online shopping has a risk, so you should think about your act.

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5. Liquidation and Auctions:

Some hotels may buy high-quality used furniture from hotel liquidation sales or auctions. This can be a cost-effective way to furnish a hotel, especially if the furniture is in good condition, but everything has pros and cons, it’s just for the hotel loose furniture, and the hotel furniture style was fixed, so It’s kinda weird adjusted to your own hotel style.

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6. Interior Design Firms:

Hotels often work with interior design firms that have access to various furniture suppliers and can help curate a cohesive design scheme for the entire property. The interior design company can help hotels do lots of works, such as the interior plan drawing, 3D furniture rendering photos. If your budget is no limited, you can ask them to help you.

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7. Hotel Furniture Liquidators:

These specialized companies deal in buying furniture from hotels that are undergoing renovations or closures, refurbishing the items if needed, and then selling them to other hotels at discounted prices. It’s always for low budget hotels without the pursuit of hotel star.

 Conclusion, When hotels buy furniture, they typically consider factors such as the quality and durability of the products, adherence to safety and fire regulations, comfort, design, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, sustainable and eco-friendly furniture options are gaining popularity as hotels focus more on environmentally responsible practices.

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