Entire Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use Complete Guide 2024–Shangdian

Entire Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use Complete Guide 2024–Shangdian

Recently, we received some BOQ lists from our Hilton clients, and the lists we noticed that custom hotel casegoods are appeared more than 10 times. Actually,It’s a common phrase on the hotel industry, but most of people, maybe don’t understand what is the hotel casegoods meaning? And what is the difference between hotel fixed furniture and loose furniture? Alright, for these questions, we will explore the entire custom hotel casegoods for hotels use, keep reading, you will gain more knowledges you are searching for.

Do You Know What is Hotel Casegoods?

Casegoods refers to furniture with storage system mainly made of plywood, solid wood, MDF, Metal, marble, stone, glass, plastic etc,. It is very important for any hotel because it will be affected with guests experience. The casegoods category has desk, wardrobe, dresser, coffee table, console table, TV table, cabinet and chest. Moreover, the term of casegoods is frequently used to contains the headboard and bedside table designed for commercial use like hotels, resorts, and apartments. Hotel casegoods has one thing in common, that is the panels, which can be custom made different sizes, shapes, and will be installed at the bottom, sides or top. The panel comprises three components, surface, core, and edge.

custom hotel casegoods for hotels use

Panel Surface

Many furniture pieces, such as tables, dressers, and cabinets, have surface, which can be solid wood with lacquer paint finish, veneer finish, HPL finish and melamine finish. These finishes have different advantages from its own feature.

Panel Core

Core is the heart of the surface, it’s the innermost part. The core materials used have Plywood, Medium Density Fiberboard, and Particle Board.

Panel Edge

The edges are an intractable part for the panel, so the finesse is very important here. The materials used for edges have Solid Wood Edge, Laminate Self Edge and PVC Edge banding.


Hotel Casegoods Furniture List

  1. Desk

The hotel room desk is a comfy spot where you can get things done. It’s like having a little office space in your room. If you have questions, the hotel staff can also help you at the front desk when you first arrive. So, the hotel room desk is like your own space to relax and get things done while you stay in the hotel.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use desk


  1. Wardrobe

The hotel wardrobe is like a special closet in your hotel room. It’s a place where you can put your clothes and keep them neat. Usually, it has a hanging rod for your dresses, shirts, or jackets. There are also shelves for things like shoes or folded clothes, and It’s a bit like having your own little closet away from home. You can use it to organize your outfits and keep everything tidy during your stay. It’s a handy spot to store your belongings, making it easy to find what you need when you’re getting ready or settling in for the night.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use wardrobe


  1. Dresser

The hotel dresser is like a big set of drawers in your hotel bedroom. It’s a place where you can put your clothes and other stuff. You can Imagine it as a tall and wide storage piece with different drawers, and also you can use these drawers to keep your socks, underwear, or T-shirts. It’s like a home for your things while you’re staying in the hotel. Some dressers even have a flat top where you can put more stuff or maybe have a mirror. So, the hotel dresser is a handy piece of furniture that helps you keep everything organized and easy to find during your stay.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use dresser


  1. Coffee Table

The coffee table in your hotel living room is like a low and wide table that’s right in front of your sofa or chairs. It’s a great spot to put things like drinks, snacks, or even your favorite books. You can Imagine it as a friendly helper in your living space, always there for you, and some people also use it to play games or put their feet up while watching TV. The coffee table is like a central meeting place in your living room where things are within easy reach. It adds a nice touch to the room, making it cozy and convenient for you and your guests.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use coffee table

  1. Console Table

The console table is like a slim and stylish table that can put against a wall in the hotel lobby. It’s not too big, but it’s handy for many things. It uses to display decorations, like photos or vases. Some hotels also put it in the hallway to store small things. It’s like a useful and pretty piece of furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. The console table is there to add a bit of charm and practicality to the hotel.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use console table


  1. TV Table

The hotel TV table is like a special stand for the TV in the hotel room. It’s a low and wide table where the TV sits. You can easily see it from your bed or the chairs in the room. This table is not just for the TV, but also a place where you might find some other things like a remote control, maybe a guide about the hotel, or even a phone. It’s like a central spot for all things related to entertainment and information. So, when you want to relax and watch TV in the hotel room, the TV table is right there, making things easy and comfortable for you.

Custom Hotel Casegoods for Hotels Use TV table


  1. Cabinet

The hotel cabinet is like a tall and useful piece of furniture you might find in the hotel room. It’s kind of like a big box with doors or drawers. Inside, there’s space to keep different things organized, and you can use it for your clothes, maybe fold some and hang others. Some cabinets even have a safe inside to keep your valuables secure. It’s like a storage friend that helps you keep your things neat and tidy during your stay. The hotel cabinet can be a reliable place to store and find your belongings, making your room feel more like a home away from home.


what is the difference between hotel fixed furniture and loose furniture?


We have written an article about the hotel fixe furniture and loose furniture, please check the below link to view more knowleges.


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