Explore the Top 8 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in the UK for 2024 — Complete Guide

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Explore the Top 8 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in the UK for 2024 — Complete Guide


A friend told us that he wants to purchase custom hotel furniture in UK , but he doesn’t have any experience on how to select the right hotel furniture suppliers or manufacturers. He asked us to help him, because he knew we are the hotel furniture factory, from china. Alright, we will write an article about the top 8 hotel furniture suppliers in Uk 2024, if you are interested in it, you can continue reading, and we do believe that you will find valuable insights into this topic.

Selecting the right furniture for a hotel is a crucial aspect of creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for guests. As we step into 2024, the hotel industry in the United Kingdom continues to evolve, demanding innovative and high-quality furniture solutions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the latest top 8 hotel furniture suppliers in the UK for 2024, and providing insights into their offerings and why they stand out in the custom made furniture market.

1. Bourne Furniture


In the dynamic landscape of hotel furniture suppliers in the UK, Bourne Furniture stands out as a name synonymous with distinctive design and unparalleled craftsmanship. As we delve into 2024, Bourne Furniture continues to make waves in the industry, offering bespoke solutions that elevate hotel experiences to new heights.

Bourne Furniture is renowned for its commitment to innovative design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The company takes pride in crafting furniture pieces that not only meet the highest standards of style but also enhance the practical aspects of hotel living. The design philosophy at Bourne Furniture reflects a keen understanding of contemporary trends, and ensuring that each piece contributes to the overall ambiance of modern hospitality spaces. If you are looking for a reliable hotel furniture suppliers in UK, this factory is your first choice.


2.Curtis Furniture


Curtis Furniture is a top player in hotel furniture, known for its quality and custom solutions. With a history spanning decades, they bring a mix of classic style and practicality to their designs, and each furniture piece reflects their commitment to precision and durability.

They stand out by tailoring solutions for each client, understanding each hotel’s unique style. Curtis excels in customization, making sure their furniture fits seamlessly into the overall hotel design. They also lead in sustainability, using eco-friendly practices and responsibly sourced materials, and this approach appeals to hotels looking for both style and socially responsible choices. With a collaborative style and a portfolio blending innovation and modern design, Curtis Furniture remains a reliable choice for hotels wanting sophistication and uniqueness in their interiors. If you are searching for a good service factory, this factory is your nice choice.


3. Eden Furniture


In December 2001, Eden Furniture started when the management bought the UK part of Sauvagnat S.A., which was originally a French-owned company. This change allowed them to work with new suppliers to offer a wider range of products for their customers. They kept the exclusive distribution rights for the well-known ‘Evolutif’ resin brand.

The company’s roots trace back to the early 1970s when it was the UK branch of the Sommer Allibert Group, a leader in Garden Furniture. They were known for high-quality resin furniture for homes and businesses, with famous names like Dangari, Tangor & Cormoran. In 1997, Sommer Allibert sold the furniture side, and Sauvagnat S.A. took over in the UK. The Allibert resin was reintroduced as ‘Evolutif,’ keeping all the molds, patents, and designs. In 2010, they moved to bigger premises in Redditch, including a warehouse, offices, and a showroom, inviting visitors with appointments. They are a leading UK supplier of contract furniture and commercial furniture to the Leisure and Hospitality Industries offering a vast choice of indoor, outdoor and poolside furniture to suit all tastes, styles, designs and budgets. If you are searching for the indoor and outdoor furniture, this supplier is very suitable for you.


4. Lugo Furniture


Lugo takes pride in being a skilled British group of contract furniture manufacturers. Their focus lies in the design, manufacture, and importation of exquisitely crafted contract and custom furniture for the hospitality sector. They are dedicated to delivering top-notch furniture for various hospitality settings, including hotels, bars, restaurants, and cruise ships worldwide. At Lugo, their adept team specializes in translating your hospitality furniture visions into reality.

The founder and Group Managing Director bring a wealth of 30 years of industry expertise, and theri creative design and manufacturing team comprises skilled artisans. As a contract furniture manufacturer, their utmost priority is to consistently deliver products of the highest quality, ensuring that your specific needs for hospitality furniture are met with precision and excellence. If you are looking for a comprehensive factory, you can consider this factory.


5. RHA Furniture


RHA is a family company started by Richard and Caroline Duperon-Hunt and progresses with Richard’s daughter and grandson. Liese and Ross. Over 30 years experience in supplying contract furniture and custom made joinery solutions to the leisure, hospitality, corporate and luxury residential sectors.

RHA Furniture is special because they make furniture just for you. They understand that every place is different, with its own style and needs. RHA Furniture is really good at creating custom hotel furniture that fit perfectly into each space’s unique personality. They work closely with customers, architects, and designers to turn ideas into real and good-looking furniture. This commitment to making things just how you want is even stronger because they team up with you and others to make sure your visions become real and beautiful. If you are searching for a family company to manufacture your hotel furniture, you can think about this factory.


6. Hill Cross Furniture


Hill Cross Furniture is a market-leading, family-owned contract furniture supplier with over 22 years of expertise. The company was created to meet a rising need for high-quality contract furniture in the hospitality and healthcare markets. Their work is global, and they do it all from their HQ, based on a farm in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside.

They have a huge range of Side Chairs, Armchairs, Bar Stools, Lounge Chairs, Sofas, Tables & a vast collection of Outdoor Furniture suitable for contract use, and they offer a bespoke service if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for. They are also working to become Net Zero by 2035 as part of their sustainable journey. This factory main business is loose furniture, if you are searching for a professional loose furniture manufacturer, you can think about this factory.


7. Duke Furniture


Duke Furniture is a top UK company that’s really good at designing and making furniture for hotels, especially bedrooms. They’re known for their great quality and paying attention to all the little details, from planning to putting everything in place.

Duke furniture was based in the Midlands, providing complete packages of custom-made, fitted, and loose furniture for hotels of all sizes. They also work with architects and designers who specialize in hotels. They owned a professional hotel furniture team, and ready to help you makeover your hotel bedrooms. Their hands-on service includes designing furniture, checking out the rooms, making 3D rendering pictures, and detailed price quotes, building the furniture, managing the project, delivering it, and setting it all up. If you want to visit this factory, you can find them in Staffordshire, England.



8. Contract Furniture Group


The Contract Furniture Group (CFG) makes, delivers, and sets up both regular and custom furniture for places like hotels, leisure spots, stores, and care facilities. They’ve been doing this since 1999, and their team knows a lot about making sure the furniture they provide looks great, is top-notch quality, and works well.

Whether you need chairs, tables, outdoor furniture, Pergolas, or other types of custom furniture, they have a lot of items to choose from. Their special teams can take care of the whole process of setting up a place, from designing to installing everything, and even have a team just for curtains and soft stuff like cushions and throws.If you are looking for one stop solutions, you can consider that factory.


As the hotel industry in the United Kingdom continues to evolve, the importance of choosing the right furniture supplier cannot be overstated. Each of the top 8 hotel furniture suppliers for 2024 brings a unique blend of design innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the hospitality sector. Whether a hotel is aiming for a classic, modern, or bespoke aesthetic, these suppliers can offer a range of solutions that can elevate the guest experience and contribute to the overall success of the establishment.

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