Explore the Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia –Full Guide 2024

Explore the Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia –Full Guide 2024


Australia is a very beautiful country. When thinking of that country (aside from kangaroos and koalas), you might envision sunny beaches and roaring waves-and you’d be absolutely right! If you were to explore a different beach every day, it would take you 27 years to visit all of Australia’s beaches. Many tourists from other countries visited Sydney, Canberra and other Australia cities, and they all need to stay at hotel, so the hotel industry has led to a surge in hotel construction and renovation projects, and it creates a growing demand for modern hotel furniture.

Choosing a right hotel furniture supplier in AU is crucial for creating a comfortable and visually appealing ambiance that enhances the overall guest experience. If you are now searching for a local hotel or motel furniture supplier, you should keep your eyes open. The reason is that In this article, we will explore the top six hotel furniture suppliers in Australia, each known for their unique offerings and commitment to quality.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia

1. Hospitality Furniture Concepts

Hospitality Furniture Concepts company was established in 2004, with their extensive experience for manufacturing hospitality furniture, this firm has becam Melbourne’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of customazing indoor and outdoor furniture for the hospitality industry. Their commitment lies in delivering stylish, functional, and high-quality furniture covering the entire hospitality spectrum-from pubs and clubs to function venues, cafes, and restaurants, as well as offices, lounge areas, and airports. They established a showroom in Abbotsford, a warehouse in inner Melbourne and has their own factory. If you need to find a reliable hospitality furniture supplier, this factory is your good choice.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia


2. Exclusive Hotel&Hospitality

Exclusive Hotel And Hospitality Furniture Pty Ltd takes pride in delivering high-quality products, such as the loose furniture, sofa, chair, table, etc,. With over 25 years of manufacturing hotel furniture experience, they have excelled in supplying commercial design and top-notch products for fitouts, refurbishments, and commercial projects across the eastern states of Australia.

Whether it’s a small-scale endeavor or a large project, their product range is versatile and tailored to meet the specific needs and structural requirements of the hospitality and commercial sectors, if you explore their comprehensive range online, you will see the newly curated 100-page catalogs, and lots of items you can choose from. If you are searching for the loose furniture for your project, you can consider that factory.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia


3. FHG Furniture

FHG is a furniture leading manufacturer, who custom commercial furniture range for health and aged care, retirement living, hotel and accommodation, offices and other commercial spaces in Brisbane.They have a professional team, and can craft a custom furniture solution to suit your business. For 25 years, they helped Australian businesses create functional spaces that people love to live and work in. They have cabinet makers, sewing machinists, carpenters, upholsterers, furniture polishers and furniture consultants, all of them are experienced in quality furniture manufacturing, so the hotel furniture quality they made is no need to worried about. If you are searching for a motel furniture supplier, this factory can handle fixed furniture and loose furniture, if needed, you can select that factory.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia


4. Turn Key Furniture

Behind Turn Key stand two of the largest wholesale furniture companies in Australia. Their products grace is not only hotels and serviced apartments across the continent but also find a place in tens of thousands of homes. Historically, Turn Key has exclusively fueled the engine of hotel furniture solutions for Australia’s hotel furnishing companies and major retail chains. However, a significant shift has occurred – the hotel and accommodation industry now has direct access to their well-established designs, encompassing guestroom furniture, banquet furniture, restaurant furniture, and more.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia

Turn Key furniture has established a manufacturing and supply chain that they can do any budget whilst still providing quality assurance and product that is fully fit for purpose. Their product range is broad and practically limitless in design, and they can provide complete packages to large scale resorts and hotels, whilst also having the ability to work on smaller solutions focusing on individual areas of the venue, or just smaller venues altogether. If you are looking for a reliable hotel furniture supplier in Australia, Turn Key is your good choice.


5. Hotel Interiors

Hotel interiors company is a design company, which works with Builders, Developers, Hoteliers, Education Providers, and Private Equity Groups. Their reputation as leaders in hotel and hospitality FF&E through each phase of the process gives their clients the confidence they can manage even the most difficult or complex projects.

HOTEL INTERIORS has completed in excess of 350 Hotel & Accommodation projects including for the following, Hotels and resorts, Motels, Serviced Apartments, Student Accommodation, Workers Camps and Staff Accommodation. If you need to find a local interior design company for your hotel project, you should consider this firm.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia

6. Furniture Packages

Furniture Packages Australia is a trusted turnkey commercial furniture package company with a passion for creating custom designs that evoke emotion, create an atmosphere, and encourage buyers and visitors to choose your property. Serving commercial clientele across Australia and New Zealand, they streamlined and personalised approach to custom designing and manufacturing furniture packages has become their company signature.

Furniture Packages Australia offers end-to-end furnishing services that are designed specifically for your hotel space and style across Australia and New Zealand. They manage each hotel project from concept to completion, handling manufacturing and installations, with a keen eye for detail and efficiency. Their furnishings are manufactured in Australia mainly by their talented teams of craftsmen to guarantee high-quality furnishings every time. If you are searching for a complete hotel or motel furniture package, this factory is your nice choice.

Top 6 Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Australia


Last but not least, Shangdian Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is also a realiable hotel furniture or motel furniture manufacturer, which can manufacture all kinds of fixed and loose furniture, and also can offer one stop solution for all hotel items, such as the hotel lines, hotel furnishings, etc,. If you are searching for a oversea factory, Shangdian is your good choice.

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