Top 7 Online Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey –Latest Update 2024

Top 7 Online Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey –Latest Update 2024


One of our customers recently inquired about purchasing hotel furniture in Turkey. They expressed uncertainty about identifying reputable hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey. This question piqued our interest, given that we specialize in supplying hotel furniture in China. As you continue reading, you’ll find valuable insights into this matter.

As we all know, Turkey is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a thriving furniture manufacturing industry. When it comes to furnishing hotels, Turkish manufacturers stand out for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative designs. In this article, we will explore the top 7 Online hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey, each factory is known for their unique qualities and contributions to the hospitality industry in Turkey.

Asortie (Blending Luxury and Craftsmanship in Turkish Furniture)


Asortie Furniture is a special brand in Turkey known for making really nice and fancy custom furniture. They’ve been manufacturing hotel furniture since 1993, so they have a lot of experience for making excellent hotel furniture. What makes Asortie Furniture stand out is how they make their custom furniture. They use a special way of making things with their hands, so each furniture item is carefully crafted, that also means their furniture looks great and lasts a long time. Asortie Furniture has many different styles to choose from, such as modern design, classic design, luxury design, ect,. Whether you like fancy and decorative or simple and modern, this factory will have something for you. If you are searching for a local hotel furniture supplier, Asortie is your good choice. They have a big showroom where placed lots of furniture samples, you can visit their showroom to choose the hotel furniture designs you like.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-Asortie


Hotel Furniture Concept (HFC)


HFC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of hotel furniture, casegoods, upholstered and non upholstered seating, lighting, hospitality bed & window coverings and institutional linens. They distribute a variety of items for all departments of hospitality industry from housekeeping to F&B. Over the years they have evolved into a full FF&E establishment dedicated to serving the hotel & restaurant industry. With more than 30 years experience they combine latest technology machinery and high workmanship skills in their factory based in Canakkale covering 5000m2 with 1000m2 warehouse area. If you are searching for a reliable hotel furniture manufacturer in turkey, you can think about HFC.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-hotel furniture concept


Hotelya Furniture


Hotelya was established in 2010 and is part of the Kolsan Koltuk group, a big name in the furniture business since 1973. From the very start, Hotelya has become a major factory in the furniture industry by focusing on things like building a strong brand, designing projects, customizing and selling furniture, and making high-quality products. They specialize in manufacturing both the fixed and loose furniture for different level hotels. Hotelya has played a significant role in furnishing over 700 hotels in Turkey and other countries. They are committed to always moving forward, working closely with their employees and industrial partners to provide solutions. Their goal is to keep growing and become a global brand recognized not only in their home country but around the world. They aim to achieve this by offering high-quality, diverse furniture options that stand the test of time and are appreciated by their customers in the years to come.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-Hotelya


Luxury Line Furniture


With more than 30 years of experience and a commitment to unique designs, Luxury Line Furniture can turn your dreams into reality. They offer personalized design services, spanning from homes to villas, hotels, restaurants, and even garden furniture. You can explore their wide range of products, all of which contribute a distinct style, you can also visit their website at Luxury Line Furniture takes pride in delivering their exclusive products to 73 countries worldwide, ensuring that luxury and comfort in furniture are accessible to all. If you are looking for a high end luxury hotel furniture manufacturer, this factory is your good choice, and you can enter their website mentioned to check more details.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-luxury line furniture


MAGRE Furniture


MAGRE began its journey in 2006 as a project management office, specializing in hotel furniture projects. The success and expertise in hotel furniture projects led Safir Contracting to undertake larger contracts. In 2009, MAGRE merged with other ventures and transformed into a manufacturing company. Over the years, the furniture production has evolved into a form of art within their expansive 10,000 square meter factory, they also dedicated to meeting the growing demands of the market by enhancing workflow efficiency and investing in advanced machinery to boost productivity. MAGRE is always committed to manufacturing high-quality hotel furniture products within reasonable budgets and ensuring timely delivery, this factory owned high reputation on the hotel furniture filed. If you are searching for a modern hotel furniture manufacturer in turkey, perhaps Magre is your good choice.


DRF Furniture


DRF, a prominent hotel furniture manufacturer and hotel concept designer in Turkey, has been dedicated to international business development and serving the market for many decades. Leveraging its strong engineering and technical expertise, DRF excels in project management, planning, and manufacturing across various categories, including hotel furniture, restaurant and cafe furniture, office furniture, residential furniture, outdoor furniture, educational furniture, and hospital furniture.

With a wealth of experience in the furniture industry and a team of highly skilled technicians and architects, DRF is well-equipped to meet the demands of its clients. They collaborate closely with their clients’ architects and designers to provide bespoke hotel furniture services and support throughout the entire process, from concept and furniture design to manufacturing and installation. If you need to find a hotel furniture manufacturer who can also make outdoor furniture, you can think about that factory.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-DRF


Sagist Group Hotel Mobilya


Sagist luxury hotel mobilya was founded in 1978 in Istanbul, has been engaged in manufacturing custom made furniture in hotels, hospitals, schools and restaurants over 45+ years. They are currently one of the leading manufacturers of Contract Furniture and Custom Made Furniture in Turkey and Europe, and have three factories on a total area of 20,000 m2, they are able to produce all products of many hotel projects simultaneously and deliver them all over the world on time. If you are searching for a unique hotel furniture design and manufacture factory in turkey, mabye this factory is suitable for you because their boss is the world famous architect, called Metin DURMAZ. Needed to know more about that company, click the link to view more.

top 7 hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey-Sagist



The above top 7 online hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey collected google online and website reviews. If you have an questions for the above copies, please feel free to let us know, we will try our best to revise it, thank you so much!


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