The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA –Ultimate Guide 2024

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA –Ultimate Guide 2024


From few weeks ago, some old customers asked us to help them select the best hotel furniture manufacturers in USA. They think it’s very hard to find a good supplier from hundreds of thousands furniture firms, especially in the United States, and it’s also very headache and waste too much time for them searching for the direct factories. As we step into 2024, we present the ultimate guide to the top 9 hotel furniture manufacturers in the USA, keep reading you will gain more what you need to know.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA

Why Hotel Furniture is Popular in USA?

As all we know, there are lots of famous hotel brands derive from the United States, such as Marriott International, Wyndham group, Hilton group, Holiday Inn, The Ritz Carlton, W hotel group etc,. Due to the historical, economic, and cultural influences, America became the largest hotel brands plant around the world. The influence of American culture on a global scale has played a significant role in the success of hotel brands. Hollywood, American music, fashion, and lifestyle have contributed to a global fascination with the American way of life. As the American hotel brands leverage this cultural influence, making them attractive to an international audience.

Hotel furniture plays an very important role in the hotel brands, each brands have its own furniture design, concept, and creativity. As the American hotel industry has a big potential, lots of supporting enterprises are established, such as the hotel furniture factories, hotel linen factories, hotel lighting factories, ect,. So the reason of why hotel furniture is popular in USA are as the above written.


1. Dickson Furniture

Dickson has been manufacturing custom furniture since 1979, the company is known for creating all sorts of furniture for hotels, resorts, and apartments. Over the years, Dickson Furniture has become good at making strong and good-looking furniture, they make things like chairs and tables that many people like to have in their hotels. People trust Dickson because they have been producing hospitality furniture for a very long time and they know how to make good quality furniture. If you’re looking for custom made simple furniture, such as the 3 star hotel furniture, or hotel furniture for chains like holiday inn, super 8, days inn, etc,. Dickson is a good choice for you, as they have a long history of supplying custom made furniture that people are happy with.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


2. Kimball Hospitality

Kimball Hospitality, established in 1985, provides an unparalleled product and service combination within the hospitality furniture industry, and they are the largest hotel furniture supplier in North America. Attentive to the requirements of their clients, Kimball Hospitality collaborates with their global manufacturing network to deliver optimal solutions for each hotel project. From furniture design concept to live production, they have professional team and high technology machines to finish it. Kimball is dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment in USA, the health and safety of their employees and the members of the communities in which they work and live. If you are looking for a very responsible factory to manufacture your hotel furniture, you can consider this factory.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


3. Charter Furniture

Charter was established in 1993, which is known for manufacturing custom hospitality seatings. They are a design focused, custom service oriented and cherished parter to international brands, such as Marriott, Intercontental, Radisson, LOEWS, etc,.

At Charter Furniture, they recognize that creating interior designs for hospitality spaces is a truly imaginative journey. Whether it starts as a sketch on a napkin or a detailed 2D or 3D rendering model, they enjoy transforming design ideas into reality. Throughout this process, they are always collaborate closely with design companies, serving as a supportive ally for designers and a valuable partner for purchasing agents in the United States. Their commitment is to align their furniture with the high design standards set by brands and designers, while also meeting the budget and timeline requirements of purchasing agents and fulfilling the performance expectations of ownership groups. They take pride in their products and aim to fortify each partnership, focusing on enhancing their relationships project by project. If you don’t have any hotel furniture experience, Charter is your nice factory that you can choose.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


4. Sara Hospitality

Sara Hospitality was established in 2002, which is run by Indians, It is a leading provider of bespoke furniture designs and comprehensive furniture, fixture, and equipment packages for the hospitality Industry in the USA. They take pride in being pioneers in manufacturing middle-quality furniture, with a portfolio that encompasses diverse design styles endorsed by industry experts and lodging franchises. With over two decades of expertise in the hospitality field, they have cultivated a proficient and dependable workforce, and most of workers and technicists are Indians. Throughout their furniture journey, they have refined every step of the manufacturing process, from initial design concepts and brand approval to manufacturing and timely delivery. If you are now searching for an India factory, Sara is very suitable for you.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


5. Artone Furniture

Artone was founded in 1974, has a noteworthy history in the USA of furniture manufacturing, they offer a wide variety of hospitality casegoods and services to the hotel and resort industry. With a foundation rooted in providing custom furniture solutions, Artone Furniture has become a go-to choice for those seeking personalized and unique furniture designs. They have adapted to changing design trends and customer preferences, ensuring that its furniture remains relevant and in-demand.

As a contributor to the hotel furniture landscape in the USA, Artone has contributed to the creation of inviting and aesthetically pleasing environments, whether it’s a bespoke pieces or adapting to the evolving needs of the market, the company’s history reflects a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Artone Furniture continues to be a significant player in the hospitality furniture industry, shaping spaces with its unique and well-crafted furniture designs. If you are looking for a old and professional custom furniture supplier, you can consider this factory.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


6. North Land Furniture

Northland Furniture was founded in 1973, specialized in manufacturing high-quality commercial furniture for hotels, timeshares, senior living environments, and other facilities. They only use domestically sourced materials, including many materials from the Pacific Northwest. Their experienced team can solve all problems from their clients or customers.

From hotel casegoods to senior living nightstands, they take pride in providing the expertise and service they know you expect from a quality furniture provider. They also have strict quality control measures, each piece of furniture is checked and approved before it’s packed, and each piece is placed in soft, damage-resistant packaging to leave their facility and arrive undamaged at your destination. If you are searching for a factory located in North of the USA, this factory is your wonderful choice.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


7. Curve Hospitality

Curve Hospitality was established in 2009, and has two founders. They are a premier FF&E Procurement company,  is renowned for its exceptional standards. This company operates through domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities to deliver an extensive range of high-quality products, including custom and industry-standard case goods, seating, artwork & mirrors, lighting, drapery & bedding, stone countertops, bathroom fixtures & vanities, carpets, and tiles. At Curve Hospitality, you can get whatever you need to purchase.

Additionally, they are acknowledged as one of the top hotel interior design companies in the United States. This is primarily attributed to their accomplished hospitality interior design team, who possess extensive experience in the hotel field. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your hotel, you should consider this factory.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


8. ContraxxFurniture

Contraxx Furniture was founded in 1996,  is a bespoke furniture company specialized in the design and production of custom hospitality furniture. The factory is located in McConnelsville, the United States. They are not only a furniture manufacturer, but also a charitable corporation, because Contraxx collaborates with local community colleges to create certification training for high school students and under-employed adults. This multi-craft certification program teaches practical skills in engineering, drafting, machining and basic electricity. The curriculum is a fast-track certification program that allows students to continue their education beyond high school and find jobs locally. If you are looking for a good factory, this factory is your good choice.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA


9. AAI Hospitality

AAI full name is American Atelier Inc., and is a custom furniture manufacturer, specializing in the hospitality and institutional markets. Every order is custom made to architectural or interior designer’s specifications in the United States. They are a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise employing approximately 240 skilled workers in their workshop. Their staff draws upon extensive training and experience to ensure the quality of work that has become a tradition with American Atelier Inc. They are also a  “AWI Certified” for “Premium Grade” manufacturing.

AAI has more than 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Their facility is divided into separate areas for individual samples or mockup room prototypes. Mortise and tenon, four corner dovetail, and custom finishes are just a few of the requirements of their standard manufacturing process. American Atelier Inc. is known for its quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. If you are looking for a native factory, this factory is your primary choice.

The Top 9 Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in the USA



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